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The perfect place to play cricket south of the river.

At the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club we love our cricket and we want you and your kids to love cricket too!

The Club has a proud history dating back to January 1918 – with the juniors division launched in 1998 – and now, with the 2016/17 season quickly approaching, so too does our 100th anniversary!

We enjoy multi-million dollar facilities at our headquarters on John Connell Reserve in Leeming, Western Australia, which includes our newly built clubhouse, change-rooms, practice nets, entertainment facilities, and a state of the art kitchen.

Furthermore, we also hold home grounds at the nearby Trevor Gribble Reserve and Peter Ellis Reserve.

Our rapid expansion has had a profoundly positive effect on our members, making the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club the first choice, and the most welcoming club for new members and sponsors!

Our team of dedicated and skilled coaches will encourage and guide our players to be the best cricketers they can be in a caring and safe environment.

We have an experienced dedicated female girls coach, premiership winning boys coaches and offer a pathway to the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club (ages seventeen and over).

We also boast a dedicated junior development squad and expert coaching.

We welcome players, boys or girls, from all areas, and new members are always welcome!

Safe and supportive. For everyone.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club will facilitate a safe environment, which encourages and supports children to participate, learn and to achieve their potential as cricketers and people.

Our Junior Cricket Program continues to be the underlying foundation upon which the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club is built. Our program enables families to participate together and provides a vital link between parents and their children.

For many children, our program also helps to build lasting friendships as they enjoy the positive and memorable experiences associated with playing a team sport.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club prides itself on ensuring all players of all abilities have the opportunity to excel. Some of the core aims of the Spartans include:

  • Offering the players a place to learn new cricket skills in a comfortable, safe, caring and stimulating environment.

  • Creating an environment that treats its players, officials and umpires with dignity and respect.

  • Encouraging parents to participate in the development of their children as well as others.

  • Teaching players to enjoy the positive and lifelong experiences associated with playing team sports.

  • Encouraging players to develop positive attitudes and play within the rules.

A hard working committee to give your child the best.

The success of our junior program is based on the number of people who are able to contribute their personal time and energy to perform volunteer roles within the program.

These roles include our Junior Coordinator, In2Cricket Coordinator, Girls Cricket Coordinators, Coaches, and Team Managers. The more support that parents can provide to the people performing these roles, the easier and the more enjoyable these roles become.

You can learn about our entire committee by clicking here.

Open and inclusive. Just how a club should be.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club is the leaders in the development and expansion of junior girls cricket, giving your daughter the best opportunity to pursue their love of Australia’s favourite sport.

Girl’s cricket is growing at a rapid rate and over the past 2 cricket season’s the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club have had a number of female teams entered into the various age group competitions. 

If you would like more information on the girls cricket program please contact the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club Girl’s Coordinator, Shane Stiles on 0406 150 080‬ or email lsjccgirls@gmail.com.

Learn More About Junior Girls Cricket

One-hundred years of history.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was founded back in 1918 in Fremantle, and this year very proudly celebrates one-hundred years of operation.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club was founded exactly eighty years later in 1998, allowing for a more professional way of managing all aspects of the club.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club are both one club – we share the same name, colours and history – however for ease of management, we have two separate committees and are two seperate entities.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was founded by the Reverend WR Hibbert (pictured left) in Fremantle, Western Australia, as an attempt to reintegrate those returning from the First World War back into the community, the Spartan Cricket Club (as we were then known) played their first season in December of 1918.

A series of memorable victories saw us just miss out on the premiership in our inaugural year, but we didn’t have to wait long – our first premiership came in 1922-23 in the now defunct Churches Cricket Association.

We withdrew from the league in 1929 to join the Fremantle & Districts Mercantile Cricket Association – the largest at the time – where we would compete until 1996, highlighted at the close by a famous First Grade premiership in 1992.

We now find ourselves in the South Metropolitan Cricket Association which was founded in 1996 as a merger between the Fremantle & Districts competition and South Suburban Association, and the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club was pivotal in the reason for its creation and early leadership.

Several years later, with things having finally settled within the new association, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club’s committee looked to implement a juniors subdivision, and finally, in 1998, the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club was born.

A junior division is created.

The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club was formed in 1998 as a pathway for the youngest cricketers to progress into the longstanding Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, which was first formed way back in 1918.

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club officially added a junior division in 1998 to foster the development of our youngest cricketers as they progressed into the senior competition for the first time.

Whilst the Leeming Junior Cricket Club had existed for some time before their envelopment into the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club, this was the first time that both clubs had been officially linked under the ‘Spartan’ name, and it produced a great benefit for the senior club as it provided a regular influx of young players each season.

This all occurred in 1998/1999, following discussions between our officials and the officials of the Leeming Junior Cricket Club, and resulted in the Junior Club becoming an official entity within the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club for the first time, and they then took on the official name Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club.

It was met with immediate results, adding eleven new teams to Spartan-ranks ranging from Under 10’s to Under 17’s, and provided great influxes of new players as they graduated into the senior competition.

The amalgamation was always planned with a view to providing a structure for juniors to have an easier progression into the senior ranks, giving them a familiar place to call home, whilst at the same time ensuring that we did not stand in the way of those who wanted to try themselves out at a WACA Club – the level under state cricket.

Since the initial merger, things have progressed extremely well with a number of junior players having later played First Grade cricket at the Spartans, with notably Craig Pereira since becoming a Life Member.

Currently, Daniel Coombs, a former junior player serves as the Secretary of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club and Adam Morgan, a fellow junior, also serves on the Committee.

The Club and its two sections – both junior and senior – have excelled in terms of participation and on field success, with an increased number of Premierships coming in the last ten years, and it can certainly be said that 1998’s introduction of the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club has been a sensational result.

All this history means all the more reason to become a Spartan!

For more information regarding the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club, simply complete the form below!

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