Role of the Committee and Committee Members

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A dedicated committee.
We are always looking to improve

The outstanding efforts of our Committee allow the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club to continue to serve the Leeming area and beyond and give young cricketers an opportunity to create life long memories while playing this wonderful game.

The role of the Junior Committee

In order to achieve our Vision, the Committee has the charter to develop strategies in collaboration with both the SWMJCC and the WACA to foster the growth of junior cricket in Leeming and surrounding areas. To raise the level of enjoyment, commitment to the game, and competence of players into the future.

The Committee aims to be representative of all Junior players and parents by consisting of members being involved across the range of player ages. Coordinators are appointed to be a point of contact in the club for parents and players to raise and discuss issues affecting that group and to bring those to the Committee in the first instance and then as required to the SWMJCC, WACA or CJCC.

Some of the key goals for the Junior Committee are:

  • To increase the level of participation of boys and girls in junior cricket across all age groups:
  • To improve the level of enjoyment of junior cricket by providing support for teams in the form of information, coaching assistance, and education for parents, coaches, players, and managers.
  • To increase the competency of players through providing links to intensive coaching sessions via cricket camps in school holidays or off-season weekends using specialist coaches.
  • To increase the competency and confidence of junior coaching by providing training and education through the WACA and Premier Clubs to coaches through skill-based sessions with specialist coaches and assistance to gain at least a CA level 1 Coaching qualifications as required.
  • To identify gifted and talented players so that these players can obtain an opportunity to attend trials with a view to increasing their opportunity to participate at Premier District Level or in State under-age sides
  • To provide a clear pathway for LSJCC juniors to move through the playing and representative ranks and where appropriate on to Grade cricket.

Read a brief overview of each Committee Member below, or for more information and their personal contact details, simply click on their name to go to their personal page!

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