The Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club was established in 1998 for young cricketers in the Leeming area and beyond to start and follow their underage cricket development.

The Leeming Junior Cricket Club had existed for some time but following discussions between officials from both the Junior and Leeming Spartans Cricket Club they became an official entity within the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club for the first time and took on the name Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club. This was the first time that both clubs had been officially linked under the ‘Spartan’ name, and it produced a great benefit for the senior club as it provided a regular influx of young players each season.

It was met with immediate results, adding eleven new teams to Spartan-ranks ranging from Under 10’s to Under 17’s, and provided great influxes of new players as they graduated into the senior competition.

This has to provide a structure for juniors to have an easier progression into the senior ranks, giving them a familiar place to call home, whilst at the same time ensuring that the club supported players who wanted to try themselves out at a WACA Premier Club – or under age state cricket.

Since the initial name change, things have progressed extremely well with several junior players having later played First Grade cricket at the Spartans, with several Juniors having been inducted as Life Members of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club – one of the state’s oldest sporting clubs.

The Club and it’s two sections which are run as completely separate entities – both junior and senior – have excelled in terms of participation and on-field success, with an increased number of Premierships coming in the last ten years, and it can certainly be said that 1999’s introduction of the Leeming Spartan Junior Cricket Club has been a sensational result.

The future is met with great enthusiasm especially with the influx of girls at LSJCC already making an impact at a junior level representing at State, WACA Premier League and winning the two inaugural U/15 premierships in the SWMJCC competitions.

Incredibly, the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary in November 2018 and looks to the future with confidence on the back of regular influxes of young cricketers to help carry the Spartans into another new era.

You can read more about the foundation of the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club by clicking here.

A picture of our home ground John Connell Reserve and the Multi-Million Dollar Clubhouse, which is shared by both Leeming Spartans Junior Cricket Club and Leeming Spartans Cricket Club.